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I secured an additional $5.8 million in new business through applying my exchange learnings.


For more than 16 years and for thousands of executive leaders, the Mentoring Circles process has built a powerfully proven ROI.

THE $16 Million Dollar Difference

We worked with the business development team at one of our Fortune 500 clients that sought strategies and avenues to grow their revenues. Those employees who took part in our Exchange process were $16,300,000 ahead of a peer control group that did not go through a Mentoring Circles group.

$300,000 Annually IN Cost Savings

A senior management team at a Fortune 500 company was being held inequitably responsible for poor data quality. This was causing internal strife and turmoil - and ultimately negative effectiveness and measurable cost inefficiencies. The company asked us to develop a Mentoring Circles application that led them to a significant operational restructuring which resulted in more than $300,000 in annual cost savings, indefinitely.

Increase Revenue while Developing Your Leaders

A Fortune 500 engineering company asked us to help key Vice Presidents and other Principals within their company develop greater leadership readiness and increase their overall business effectiveness. One participant in the Mentoring Circles exchange proudly reports of her vastly increased negotiating effectiveness as a result of going through our process — closing 22 contracts and producing more than $380,000 in increased revenues in only one month.

Measured Boost to Leadership Performance

Our Mentoring Circles have produced statistically significant gains in 10 out of 10 behavioral leadership measurements on the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Practices Inventory. Since 1997, we've continually measured our Circles' effectiveness with surveys that probe our participants self perception as well as how others perceive them on five practices embodied by highly successful leaders.

$30 Million in New Business

Another Fortune 500 client came to us to increase their managers' business-building effectiveness and capabilities. One of the Mentoring Circles participants leveraged the knowledge, confidence and marketing acumen she received and brought into play a $30 Million opportunity with a new client for a water treatment plant - a project she sought as a result of the business development and client management skills she gained through our process.


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