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We grew our business rapidly as a direct result of the communications, product and marketing knowledge transfer that happened during our exchange.



Common questions about Mentoring Circles

We know there's a lot on your plate... And that every dollar counts. But we've addressed some common concerns that other leaders have expressed... before they've joined in a Circle Exchange:

“I just don’t have the time!”

The common complaint of every busy business leader is that there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. One of the dangers that every leader must address is getting lost in the tangle of the day-to-day tactical execution of their enterprise. Taking the time for strategic planning and thoughtful reflection on their business, their industry and themselves as leaders drives better business decisions. By committing to a Mentoring Circles group, leaders engage in a dialogue of current ideas, challenges and visions with people who will benefit from meeting but ordinarily would not have the opportunity. We hear it from Circle participants all the time: "... (the process) gave me the committed time to strategically consider where we are as a company and where we're going in this industry... the Mentoring Circles have actually given me a lot of time back by making me more efficient and effective as a leader..."

“Times are tight... my organization can’t afford the cost.”

Our proven ROIs have shown time and again that you can't afford not to join. The modest investment costs of our Mentoring Circles pay for themselves many, many times over — in increased sales, internal efficiencies and leadership development.

“I’m already in a networking group... I’m a member of the Chamber...
I don’t need to join another group...”

Mentoring Circles aren't networking groups and they aren't social mixers. And, while you'll meet other dynamic leaders in the industry through your participation in a Mentoring Circles session, these are purposeful, results-focused engagements. You will set firm personal and group objectives and hold yourselves accountable for effective use of each participant's time, talent and experience.

"This is a process unlike any I've ever experienced. This is one of the most worthwhile leadership development activities I've ever participated in."
— Ann Dupont, Accenture, Former Partner

“My business is different from any other... there couldn't be a peer group for me..."

For more than 15 years and across a wide spectrum of high-profile client engagements, The Mentoring Company team has shown an uncanny capacity for matching peer professionals into effective mentoring groups. While no two businesses or industries are the same, the leaders of those businesses and industries face similar challenges: how do we grow our revenues? how do I develop myself and the other leaders in my business? how do I strategically plan for the future? how do other leaders proactively address the issues and challenges at their organizations? We've had remarkable success in putting together effective Mentoring Circles and have the ROI stories to prove it. And we encourage you to speak directly to other professional leaders who have been through one of our Mentoring Circles to hear their personal experiences of our process. and we'll put you in direct contact with them.


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